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Annual scientific and educational meeting

Innovations in Cardiothoracic Radiology

23-24 April, 2010


Organized by European Association os Cardio Radiology (ESCR) and Bularian Assiciation os Radiology (BAR)

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Dear Colleagues,

Cardiovascular imaging is at a fascinating stage of its development. Rapid technological advances have occurred over the past decade and are being implemented widely by the imaging community. The early promise of noninvasive cardiac MDCT and MRI is finally being realized at the clinical level, and the area continues to evolve.

Last year Bulgarian Association of Radiology with kind support of University of Groningen, Netherlands decided to start an annual postgraduate meeting of Cardio-Radiology. The goal was, and still is, to establish a remote medical platform, on which radiologist could orient themselves on fast developments in cardiovascular imaging and diagnostics. The First postgraduate meeting ”Innovation in Cardiac Imaging”, hold in Sofia had a great success and was highly appreciated by the radiological society, visited by more than 150 participants.

The Bulgarian Association of Radiology with the kind support of local organizers from Tokuda Hospital Sofia is willing to establish as a tradition this yearly meeting and to organize the Second scientific event which will take place at 23-24 April 2010 in Tokuda Hospital Sofia.

During the Second Cardioradiology Meeting new developments in diagnosis of diseases of the right heart and pulmonary artery will be highlighted. The event will be targeted to the radiologists and clinicians interested in the cardiothoracic imaging and treatment. Several foreign and many Bulgarian lecturers will present state of the art lectures. This year “Case presentation” session will be the new topic which goal will be to present the interaction between radiologists and clinicians in everyday practice.

We hope to welcome you in Sofia for the Second Cardioradiology meeting“Innovation in Cardiac Imaging”!

Ass. Prof. Galina Kirova

Organizer Second Cardioradiology Meeting 2010



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