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Образна диагностика в условията на COVID-19 пандемия

date : 22.05.2020

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The Bulgarian Society of Cardiothoracic Radiology (BSCTR) is a branch of the Bulgarian Association of Radiology, which was found, with the kind support of the European Society of Cardiac Radiology as a forum for interaction and stimulation in the field of cardiac and thoracic radiology.

Full members of BSCTR are radiologists engaged in practice, teaching or research in the fields of cardiac and thoracic radiology. Associate members are non-radiologist physicians, radiographers, physicists, members of other scientific disciplines and individual members of commercial companies with a special interest in the field of radiology.

Membership registration

As a Member of BSCTR you:

- Become a Member of European Society of Cardiac Radiology (ESCR)

- Attend the BSCTR meetings, scientific and educational events at a reduced members’ rate

- Attend the ESCR Annual Scientific Meetings at a reduced members' rate

- Receive online access to the ESCR EPOS Database

- Gain online access to the abstracts of the ESCR electronically

- Subscribe to the printed issues of the International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging at a reduced subscription fee

- Sign up for the Cardiac Imaging Examination and/or Subspeciality Diploma

These are subject to a full payment of your 2016. Your ESCR membership is valid from the date we receive your payment until the end of the relevant calendar year.

A membership with the BSCTR is subject to an annual fee like following:

- Full Member – 30EU/60ЛВ

- Associate Member – 20EU/40ЛВ


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