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Образна диагностика в условията на COVID-19 пандемия

date : 22.05.2020

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"Quality is not an act. It is a habit."



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The ESTI Lung Cancer Screening Workshop will be postponed – new date: Tuesday, March 02, 2021!


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ESTI 2020 - 28th Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society of Thoracic Imaging


The International Day of Radiology

The International Day of Radiology November 8th marks the International Day of Radiology, celebrated worldwide in honor of the landmark discovery of Conrad Roentgen, which has not only transformed our understanding, but also medicine itself, laying the foundations for one of its specialties. The field of radiology has shown unprecedented progress over its nearly 125-year history, leading the field with technological advances upon which other medical specialties can grow. Together with artificial intelligence, our specialty symbolizes the true bond between the wellness of the patient and modern medicine. To all who save lives with their ability to generate images and their knowledge to interpret them – happy holidays! Celebrate this day with us!

SCR 2020


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